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Re: Test operations

At 06:25 AM 11/23/2004, Howard Chu wrote:
>So we're left with the choice of being compatible but giving out wrong information, or being accurate but not being compatible. Personally I would choose not to sacrifice accuracy/correctness. 

I could see development of N+1 mechanisms, one for each
vendor-specific (or other) ACM plus one which used
a gross-level abstraction of all the available ACMs.  I
have some doubts that the latter would actually be useful
and whether the vendors would ever reach agreement as to
gross-level abstraction.

BTW, I'm planning on adding new right to our ACM, "manage".
With this right, the client will be able to manage the
DSA (with the ManagaDsaIT control).  It would allow
administration of certain operational attributes and
overriding of certain DIT rules (such as restrictions on
modification of structural object class of the object).