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Re: Test operations

Sébastien Bahloul wrote:


One month ago, I asked the list about integrating a new ACL model (AACLs), which is currently in test phase, as an overlay.


on a related note, I just committed a patch that allows to stack custom access control models much like the original (and experimental) ACI. As a rough example, the current ACI implementation has been moved to that infrastructure. It needs some cleanup (at least), and may change raplidly in the short future, but I expect it to be of limited criticality. Essentially, you need to design a handler for masking the access privileges to a value of an attribute of an entry by some identity. The configuration is essentially that of the ACIs, i.e.

access to <what>
   by dynacl/<name>[.<style>][=<pattern>] <access>

where "dynacl/" indicates that the dynamic ACLs are used; <name> is what is used to locate the appropriate code, and the optional <style> and <pattern> are intended to provide essential submatch expansion and data specific to the module. The <access> is intended as a mask of the privileges the module can give; more than one module can be specified in the same <by> clause, and the privileges they build up are additive. For backwards compatibility, the syntax for ACIs is unchanged, i.e. no "dynacl/" prefix is required. The new code is enabled by default; to revert to the original one, #undef SLAP_DYNACL in slap.h.

Module registration occurs vis the slap_dynacl_register() function, which adds a newly registered set of handlers tot he infrastructure, so that it can be configured thru the syntx described above. The registration may occur at run-time by using the moduleload command, and putting the call to slap_dynacl_register() in a function called module_init(); see any of the overlays, or of the modularized backends as examples.

Please let me know if you think this may be of any help for your AACLs; in that case I can provide more details on the implementation. I know you're now working at an overlay version, which should give you a more complete view of each operation; this new approach should allow more granularity and better harmonization with other, more conventional access control techinques.


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