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statslog perl filter

I've found this script useful when playing with server logs.
Should I commit it somewhere?  It doesn't really fit into the current
OpenLDAP source tree, but I don't know where else to put it - there is
no 'OpenLDAP tools' distribution.  Maybe we should start one.


Usage message:

  Usage: statslog [options] [logfiles; may be .gz or .bz2 files]
  Output selected parts of slapd's statslog output (loglevel 256) from
  syslog or stderr, grouping log lines by LDAP connection.
    --brief       -b      Brief output (omit time, host/process name/ID).
    --exclude=RE  -e RE   Exclude connections whose output matches REgexp.
    --include=RE  -i RE   Only include connections matching REgexp.
    --EXCLUDE=RE  -E RE   As --exclude, but case-sensitive.
    --INCLUDE=RE  -I RE   As --include, but case-sensitive.
    --loose       -l RE   Exclude "loose" lines (lines with no connection)
                          matching RE.  E.g. -l'$' excludes all loose lines.
    --sort        -s      Sort the input files, oldest first.
    --trace       -t      Print file names as they are read.  Implies -u.
    --units       -u      Print active connections at end of each file.
  Multiple --exclude and --include options may be used.
  Note that --trace and --units make the --exclude and --include options
  unreliable for connections that span more than one log file.

BTW, I'm a bit unsatisfied with the --loose option.  It sort of does the
opposite of what it looks like - exclude instead of include.  But I've
found it's current functionality the most convenient one, except perhaps
'exclude all' would be a nicer default - and even less intuitive.
Suggestions welcome.