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Re: Help with modules

Herb Hrowal wrote:

Thank you for the help, Howard. I'm assuming this is in the 2.2
codebase only. We're still using 2.1 at our installation. Was
something like this possible in 2.1 or do I need to convince the
powers that be that 2.2 is essential?

Not in 2.1, you definitely need 2.2. Note that 2.2 also provides support
for Netscape's SLAPI modules. Its is generally agreed that SLAPI be
used if interoperablity with other implementations of SLAPI is required
(i.e. the same plugin needs to be run with different servers), but the native
OpenLDAP modules should use the overlay technology.

If you plan to develop an overlay, I suggest you definitely move to 2.2;
during development, I also suggest you check the compatibility wih HEAD
code, because at some point you may want to tak advantage of the many
improvements 2.3 will provide in this area (first of all, as I mentioned
earlier, overlays stacked before database selection; more helpers and
precomputed vaues in data structures passed around by operations).

Feel free to ask more specific questions as soon as you progress in your design.


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