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Re: Help with modules

Herb Hrowal wrote:

I'm new to OpenLDAP and have some questions on "plug-ins".

Is there any plug-in api other than the backend support?

Yes, several in fact. The main one of interest for your question is called an "overlay."

Is it possible for a backend to modify a request before it is sent to
other backend modules?

Yes, using an overlay.

Is there any way to insert a shim between the frontend and the various
backends we use other than to modify OpenLDAP.

Yes, that's what overlays are.

If a shim is possible, can it specify which backend handles the request?

Not quite. Instead, you specify which overlays to use on a particular backend.

Is there any good documentation on writing backends?

Everything you need to know is in the source tree. The file servers/slapd/overlays/slapover.txt may help you.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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