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Re: c_peer_name unavailable to CLDAP clients

At 03:55 AM 9/2/2004, Howard Chu wrote:
>Luke Howard wrote:
>>Because connectionless clients share a single connection structure,
>>their address (ie.  the peer address) cannot be associated with a
>>connection. However, it would be useful to have the peer address
>>stored as part of the operation structure, so it can be made
>>available to SLAPI plugins.
>What exactly would you want to do with this information? Since the UDP transport has no integrity checking of any kind, and only anonymous requests are supported, I don't see that you can make any meaningful policy decisions here. The address is logged for informational purposes, but relying on it for anything else seems like a bad idea.

Might be useful for logging (and/or auditing) purposes.
(But I agree that they should not be relied on for
any non-informational purposes.)