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Re: REL_ENG_2_2


>In particular, I have not updated SLAPI nor back-sql
>changes at all.  Help is needed to determine what to
>take and what to leave for 2.3.

You should definitely sync the SLAPI patch to slapi/slapi_ops.c
(call connection_assign_nextid() and slap_graduate_commit_csn()).
This fixed a difficult to track down bug which would cause SLAPI
internal operations on a syncrepl provider not to propagate to
consumers. See the commit notice for more information.

I would also recommend that you pick up the patch to slapi_utils.c
that normalizes values in slapi_attr_add_value(). Not maintaining
the normalized values caused API breakage elsewhere.

As far as features are concerned, I would like to see the SLAPI
support for backend_group() and backend_attribute() merged. We
are using that in a product we're about to ship based on 2.2,
and the less changes we have the better. But I don't expect you
to take this into account of course.

We have been testing 2.2.15 + the HEAD SLAPI patches with no
problems and as you know our product is a heavy SLAPI consumer.

>Also, haven't sucked in syncrel exattrs, back-ldap paged
>results "new", and a few other things.

"exattrs" would be really nice too :-)

-- Luke