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Re: REL_ENG_2_2

> In particular, I have not updated SLAPI nor back-sql
> changes at all.  Help is needed to determine what to
> take and what to leave for 2.3.

back-sql is nothing really new, except that it's now mostly
working reliably for writes and for most read features.
However, I don't see it much critical and I have no objections
in leaving everything (including tests) for 2.3.  I still
have a few features to solve; with some combinations of rdbms
and odbc, during writes I see deadlocks somewhere between
libiodbc, the odbc drivers and the underlying rdbms, so I'm
planning to introduce a configurable "giant lock" a la back-ldbm;
there's something to do for binary data and more; finally,
more portability issues arise every time msimplemented features
get fixed (really annoying...).


Pierangelo Masarati

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