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Re: New functionality proposed

"Bengt Hammarlin" <Bengt.Hammarlin@mobeon.com> writes:

> Sorry about the malformed message. Outlook "helped" me improve the look
> of the mail.
> Thanx for the input. I know that LDAP is session oriented but one way or
> another I need to "broadcast" the request if it is not found locally and
> cannot be localized in any other way. The idea is to only have the entry
> in one instance to reduce sync's as well as actual size of the local
> database. These broadcasts should be infrequent based on the assumption
> that a vast majority of lookup requests are satisfied locally. Any idea
> how to solve that?

Couldn't this be resolved by means of dns service resource records?
That is,not broadcasting a request, but asking domain name service for
the host of a particular subtree.


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