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RE: qs regd original search string in private backend

Thanks so much for your reply. 

I didn't find anything like ors_filterstring, ors_filterstr, o_request etc in Operation. I am looking at slap.h in openldap-2.1.25. Are you referring to some other Operation structure ?

BTW, coming back to the main topic, ie. if a client sends query like 
"ldapsearch -h "XXX" -D "XXX" -w "aaa" -b "bbb" -s base "(objectClass=user)" 

are you saying that there is no way to retrieve the search string "(objectClass=user)" from Operation or Connection structure ?


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Das, Indu S (Indu)** CTR ** wrote:

>Hi All, 
>we are trying to build our own private backend to be used with openldap.
>Does anybody knows which is the datastructure that carries the original search string that gets passed to private backends ?
There's no "original search string"; in fact, the search filter in form 
of string
is rebuilt from the parsed and checked Filter structure.  It's in
op->ors_filterstring (it's a macro that stands for 
and it's a member of the Operation structure.  Check 
servers/slapd/search.c or
any backend search.c file as an example.

Ciao, p.

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