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Re: overlay question

Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
You may be interested in the patch in ITS#3080 if you want your overlay
to have global effect.

Hmm, global effect could be interesting,

The patch has been recently committed to HEAD; you may want to start
working with HEAD code and experiment with global overlays (should work
exactly as database overlays except in selected cases for selected data in
the op->o_request structure for write operations.

So what does it look like, in the slapd.conf file ?
The same as before but with the command options outside the database definitions ?

Could you be more specific as to the exceptions ?

but a way of handling things
that are connected with the base object ""(like anonymous bind, root
DSE) would be more interesting.

Well, you can (actually I think you MUST) discriminate about the target
inside your calls anyway.

That's a given, would be a poor access control system otherwise.

-- Roland