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Re: overlay question

Howard Chu wrote:
Roland Hedberg wrote:

The common denominator seems to be that search with baseobject "" is not passed through the overlay, while when the baseobject is not "" the overlays gets to handle the request.

Again, why is that ?

Overlays are configured on specific backends. The overlay will only be invoked in the same circumstances that the backend itself would normally be invoked; i.e., the operation must reference an entry that is inside the backend's naming context. The base object "" does not reside in any backend.

Oh, you're absolutely right. Should have realized that.

You may be interested in the patch in ITS#3080 if you want your overlay to have global effect.

Hmm, global effect could be interesting, but a way of handling things that are connected with the base object ""(like anonymous bind, root DSE) would be more interesting.

-- Roland