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Re: overlay question

Roland Hedberg wrote:
And the result is that spocp_cntrl_op() is called on unbind but not on bind or search (which is the ones I have checked) operations.

Hmm, seems I have to be a bit more specific.

Now, what I first tried was to just do:

ldapsearch -x -b "" -s base "(objectclass=*)"

According to the debug output this included a bind (implicit ?), a search/read and a unbind.

So no call for my overlay function was made for either the bind or the search.

If on the other hand I used a ldap client program (gq in this case) and browses down the tree, I do see calls to my overlay for some searches but not for others.

The common denominator seems to be that search with baseobject "" is not passed through the overlay, while when the baseobject is not "" the overlays gets to handle the request.

Again, why is that ?

-- Roland