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slapadd -u (dryrun) option does write database

`slapadd -u ldif.file' opens database files for writing (be_entry_open,
be_entry_close) and updates its NEXTID file (be_sync).  So we can't just
test an LDIF file with `slapadd -u' before creating a diff against an
LDIF from the current database and feeding that to ldapmodify.  We have
to make a slapd.conf copy with a dummy database directory first.

Looks like a bug to me, but it's deliberate according to the CVS log.

  servers/slapd/tools/Attic/slapadd.c rev 1.40, Jan 28 2002, by ando:

  Check the ldif file without actually creating the db (but inits the
  files; maybe I should trim this also).  Useful to check LARGE ldif
  files which will require TONS on indices without failing at the very
  last entry for a silly typo after 45 min. or more :)