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Re: commit: ldap/servers/slapd/back-bdb proto-bdb.h search.c

> I downloaded OL 2.2.14, applied all patches, and built it.
> I then started up the replica's, and the master.
> I deleted 7 entries from the master.
> None of the deletes propagated to the replica's.

I've been testing delete operations extensively.
On my setup with one master and two persistent replicas, I still failed to
reproduce the case.
While replicas are attached, I first added 16K entries, and then deleted 16K
entries (except admin group entries and ou entries). This add - delete
sequence was repeated 3 more times, but there was no error.

> I then stopped one replica, and restarted it.  The master immediately hit
> segfault.

Was this segfault the same as the one described in ITS#3172 ?