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Re: DN with semicolon does not work

At 01:22 PM 5/6/2004, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
>The error is in back-bdb/cache.c:339 where a DN is "naively"
>explored stopping at a DN_SEAPARTOR();

Exploring normalized or unnormalized DN?  The latter should
never be natively explored.

>the ';' is a valid
>rdn separator, and, even in normalized mode, it is not escaped.
>I see two solutions: use LDAPDN routines to run thru the DN,
>or always expair escape ';' in DN.

In normalized DNs, the semis in values should be hex escaped
and the RDN separator should be a comma.

>> I suggest you hack one of the test scripts to demonstrate
>> the problem and then file an ITS.
>> At 12:26 AM 5/6/2004, Michael Ströder wrote:
>>>It seems it's not possible to add an entry containing a correctly
>>> escaped semicolon and read it afterwards. Instead noSuchObject is
>>> returned. Tested with OPENLDAP_REL_ENG_2_2.
>>>The very same operations work with other LDAP servers.
>>>Ciao, Michael.
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