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Re: slapacl back-port to 2.1?

> Today at 12:53pm, Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:
>> At 08:36 AM 5/4/2004, Frank Swasey wrote:
>> >Since it looks like it is going to take more than 5 minutes to do the
>> backport (probably closer to 30 minutes), I'm wondering if anyone has
>> already done a backport of the slapacl program ando recently
>> developed for 2.2 into 2.1.30.
>> >If not, I'll do it.
>> I consider 2.1 to be feature frozen.  So while you are
>> welcomed to post your patch as an ITS in order to share
>> it with others, do note that it won't be committed to
>> the 2.1 release engineering branch.
> Noted.  It's also taking longer than expected, I hadn't realized the
> extensiveness of the code changes made.
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I would consider "porting" the code taking much longer than a simple port;
however the underlying idea is so simple that I think it would be very
easy to hack another tool to re-implement it.  Consider that it
essentially uses a very tiny subset of the code a slapadd requires.  The
two key points are passing the new command-line args, avoiding any work on
database selection/startup, and patch access_allowed() to take the extra
arg that allows to get the access mask.  If you feel like, an ITS in
contrib would then be a reasonable solution.


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