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RE: commit: ldap/servers/slapd/back-monitor back-monitor.h database.c init.c proto-back-monitor.h

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> > A much simpler reason - if you set the Global readOnly
> flag, there is no
> > possible way to reset it, because all subsequent LDAPModify requests
> > will be rejected.
> We could solve the chicken-and-egg problem by allowing this type
> of modify to rootdn only; of course it has to be rootdn of the
> server, not of a specific backend.  I'm more and more in favor
> of having a global BackendDB structure that holds global data,
> making all global operations mimic those of a regular backend.

That would certainly help solve some of these issues. It might make sense to
pursue this further, and implement the rootDSE, cn=SubSchema, and a few other
nodes as objects under the global backend.

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