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Re: back-config, ucdata

At 07:07 PM 4/26/2004, Howard Chu wrote:
>Another obstacle I've tripped over - we need the ucdata loaded before we can
>start processing any LDIFs. It seems to me that we should just hardcode the
>ucdata tables into liblunicode. Maybe ucgendat should spit out the data in C
>source format, so that the arrays can be compiled in. Comments?

That would resolve a number of issues with ucdata files
(such as possible inability for files to be read when
created on the same system).

Also, using compiled tables would allow them to be integrated
directly into -lldap, and facilitate -lldap implementation of
LDAPprep and SASLprep.

I'd be open to distributing the derived C file (in addition to
tools which create it) so that it wouldn't have to be re-generated
everywhere (which is generally a hassle).

That is, maybe we should have build/ucdata tool which generated
libraries/libldap/ucdata.c.  However, CVS (and releases) would
include libraries/libldap/ucdata.c so that build/ucdata would not
need to be built/ran by user.