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Re: Want to work on "Implement DIT Structure Rules and Name Forms" project

At 12:22 AM 4/26/2004, Manish Baid wrote:
>I would like to be part of the development and interested in
>"implementation of structure rules & name forms".
>So what would me my next steps.

The first step would be try to understand well the
X.500 DIT structure rules and name forms.  Aside
from reading X.501(93) (available from the ITU)
and draft-ietf-ldapbis-models-xx.txt (available
from the IETF LDAPBIS WG).  I also suggest reading
"Understanding X.500 - The Directory" by David
Chadwick, available at:

Then I'd dig into the code to figure out how
DIT content rules and other schema rules are
currently implemented.

Then I'd dive into implementing structure rules and
name forms within our single schema approach.

Lastly, I'd worry about how to move from our single
schema approach to a "subschema" approach (e.g.,
"schema applicable to a subtree" approach).

And, through out this, I'd be sure to ask lots of
development questions on this list.