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Re: socket instead of replog file

One could say that 2.2 already does that (immediate
transfer of information) via syncrepl's "syncAndPersist"

If you want this with slurpd, then (as Roland suggests) use 
of a file modification notification mechanism would likely
be a better approach.

But in regards to use of sockets instead of files between
slapd and slurpd, you'd have to come up with some reasonable
way to deal with faults in the system.


At 08:02 AM 4/18/2004, st3 wrote:
>i'm developing a new way to communicate between slapd and slurpd for
>replicas, based upon a socket instead of the replog file
>this, in order not to have slurpd to scan the replog file every n seconds
>(even if since openldap 2.2.8 n is configurable and i patched it to have
>n expressed in milliseconds - should i commit this patch?) and then
>decreasing the load on the filesystem and eventually have fully realtime
>question: does anybody have already implemented this? it's already
>possible to use a socket?