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Re: bdb and configure

Howard Chu wrote:

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From: Pierangelo Masarati [mailto:ando@sys-net.it]

I don't see any problem about this. My main concern is that during
at least one of the tests for compatibility between bdb and ldbm, if
ol_enable_bdb is not "yes" a certain action is taken, which results
in setting ol_enable_bdb to "yes"; as a consequence, --enable-bdb=mod
has no effect, resulting in bdb being built statically; hdb, on the
contrary, can be built dynamically.

OK, the current HEAD should build back-bdb correctly now.

LDBM_LIBS is only linked into slapd if there is a static backend that uses
it. Otherwise, LDBM_LIBS is linked by the particular backend module.

Works absolutely fine for me. Thanks, p.

Also fixed a similar linking problem in the back-perl module...

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