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RE: bdb and configure

I notice that when BDB is enabled, the LDBM library is required to be
Berkeley. It seems we should have used a separate BDB_LIBS variable here; as
long as the LDBM API is not Berkeley we shouldn't really care what it is.
I.e., I think it would have been safe to have both gdbm and BerkeleyDB in use
in the same binary, yes?

It's only when LDBM is configured to use Berkeley and BDB/HDB are enabled
that all three must use the same Berkeley library, and then compatibility is
an issue.

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> Subject: bdb and configure
> I note that in HEAD/2.2 configure.in is stuffed with checks
> for ol_enable_bdb = auto, but auto is no longer a valid value.
> On the contrary, there are many tests for ol_enable_bdb = yes
> which of course fail if ol_enable_bdb = mod, but in these
> cases mod should be a synonym of yes.  As a consequence,
> bdb cannot be built as a module, because of some check for api
> compatibility when building ldbm.  This is not bad, because
> if it's built as a module I haven't been able to make it start,
> but that should be a mostly unrelated issue.
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