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ordering indexing

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> A couple of thoughts (mostly food for thought)...
> This will obviously cause a serialization of directory
> updates within the context and contention on the lastmod
> entry.  I think it would be offer a version which didn't
> back the lastmod entry into the database.  One could even
> address persistency issues by determining the values from
> the entries at start up, instead of relying on the backing.
> If we had ordering indexing, determination would be quick.

Speaking of which... I never found any order-preserving hash functions that I
could see being generally applicable here, but we could certainly do some
indexing for specific syntaxes that represent timestamps and other limited
size/range values. (I.e., we can crunch their normalized value directly into
a 32 or 64 bit integer losslessly.)

One gotcha here is that we would need to avoid overlapping/clashing with the
current hashed index key space. It kinda implies resurrecting the use of
subdatabases, which may not be a safe thing to do. Thoughts?

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