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Re: [Fwd: Re: Paged Results and limits]

Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:

Will do.

OK; after the next commit (cleaning up, takes long to recompile and test...) the behavior is as follows:

if no limits are set, the default applies; each set of rules will be selected
according to the operation DN.

if generic limits are set, they apply to searches without -z, with -z and with PR;
if specific limits are set, then:
- "soft" apply to searches without -z
- "hard" apply to searches with -z
- "prtotal" apply to searches with PR
if "prtotal" is not defined, "hard" applies
if "hard" is not defined, "soft" applies
if "soft" is not defined, generic limit applies (e.g. default or unqualified size).

All serches, regardless of using PR control or not, are limited to the number
of entries requested with -z, if legal. Illegal -z are those that request more
entries than "hard" limit or more entries than "prtotal" if using PR control.
moreover, "prtotal=disabled" and "unchecked=disabled" can be used to
inhibit searches and PR control to certain DNs; the request doesn't even get
to the backend, it is trapped by the limits selection procedure.


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