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[Fwd: Paged Results and limits]

Forwarded from -committers; follow-ups are coming.

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--- Begin Message --- I'm about to complete the commit of additional limits for paged results control.
Currently, the control is only implemented in back-bdb, but I'm moving the limits
on the control outside of it, into the limits_check() function that sets the time and
size limits for the execution of a single search (which corresponds to one page
when the control is used). In the future, this could help in moving the control to the
frontend, if advisable.

The current implementation interprets the size limits as a size limit on the single
page, so a request for a page size that is smaller than the limit results in a search
that can span the entire database without any limits, apart from the "unchecked"
test on the number of candidates.

The pagedResults control enabled two extra limits: one on the max size of a single
page that was different from the basic search size limit, and the other intended as
a means to hide the estimate of the remaining entries to be returned.

I'd leave this behavior as the default, and add a new limit on the total number
of entries that a search with the pagedResults control can return. I'd interpret
the request for a page as an explicit limit set by the user, so the "hard" limits are
used instead of the "soft", and the new "prtotal" limit as a means to introduce
an overall "hard" limit.

All the limits are now moved to the limits_check() function, so the search functions
only see a size limit and act accordingly.

Commit to come soon; still working on cleanup.


--- End Message ---