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RE: checking for bound user

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> Actually, our design has changed a bit since I first posted 
> the question. We have a variety of components we want to 
> implement as overlays, and we want to be able to mix and 
> match them depending on the requirements of a given site.

That's fine.

> So I think I really need to be able to check for the 
> c_authz_backend by name, rather than comparing the pointer to 
> my current, because I want to have a single overlay that does 
> bind logic, with other overlays that support their peculiar 
> features just checking to see if their master bind overlay 
> performed the bind of the requesting user or not. 

If all of your overlays are stacked on a single backend, then the code
snippet below is sufficient. (Remember that on->on_info points to the overlay
info for the entire backend, not just a particular overlay instance.) If
you're saying you want a single Bind overlay that is pushed onto several
different backends, then you may need to walk through the list as I
illustrated the first time around and compare the overlay names.

> The whole overlay technology is extremely cool, and being 
> able to specify multiple overlays on a given backend provides 
> a lot of flexibility.

Yes... By the way, have you looked at overlays/slapover.txt in CVS HEAD, and
did it tell you anything useful?

> - DAP
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> > From: Howard Chu [mailto:hyc@highlandsun.com]

> > Actually it's a lot simpler than that:
> > 
> > 	slap_overinst *on = (slap_overinst *)op->o_bd->bd_info;
> > 
> > 	if (!op->o_conn->c_authz_backend ||
> > 		op->o_conn->c_authz_backend->bd_info != 
> > (BackendInfo *)on->on_info) {
> >  		/* Not ours */
> >  		return -1;
> >  	}

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