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Re: Check for updatedn (Was: commit: ldap/servers/slapd/overlays rwm.c)

I think we likely should have:

        SLAP_SHADOW(bd) - is a shadow database
        SLAP_SYNC_SHADOW(bd) - is a syncrepl shadow database
        SLAP_SLURP_SHADOW(bd) - is a slurped shadow database

                TRUE if SLAP_SLURP_SHADOW and is update DN
                TRUE if SLAP_SYNC_SHADOW and is internal sync operation.

and (if useful):
                TRUE if be_slurp_update() or be_sync_update()

At 10:29 AM 4/7/2004, Jong wrote:
>vote for making it as a new wrapper (like is_update_dn(op)) or add flags to
>be_isupdate(op). We may need them individually.
>Or, how about using sl / sr prefix to names referring to slurpd / syncrepl ?
>sth like be_sl_isupdate(op), be_sr_isupdate(op), and be_isupdate(op) for
>- Jong-Hyuk
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>Subject: Check for updatedn (Was: commit: ldap/servers/slapd/overlays rwm.c)
>> > updatedn fix for syncrepl
>> What about introducing a new wrapper like
>> is_update_dn( op ) that checks whether
>> the o_ndn field is allowed to update, or
>> add this functionality to the be_isupdate()
>> wrapper, or add flags to be_isupdate()?
>> I think the same couple of calls will
>> almost always appear in the same places.
>> Ciao, Ando.
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