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Re: HEADS UP: -llber/-lldap sonames changes

* Kurt D. Zeilenga (Kurt@OpenLDAP.org) wrote:
> At 06:17 AM 3/26/2004, Stephen Frost wrote:
> >On Linux you can just use symbol versioning and have just a
> >'libldap.so.2'. 
> The version of libtool we use doesn't support symbol versioning. 

It's interesting how you say that.  In the case I'm referring to I
don't believe libtool's support or lack of support makes a difference.
The symbol versioning is done by changes to the source which is then
compiled by gcc/gasm without relation to libtool, or interaction with, 
libtool.  As for if libtool later breaks that- I don't *think* it does,
but that's the only thing I can think of as being a problem from that

On the other hand, libtool is being modified to add support to have it
handle symbol versioning using a versioning script.  This is quite
different from what I was suggesting above.  Now, this isn't to say that
you need libtool in order to use a versioning script, I'm pretty sure
you don't, it's just that if libtool doesn't run the versioning script
then something else has to.

The reason libtool is being modified is to make it easier for people to
add a fixed version to their symbols for a given release, not because 
the change is necessary in order to have versioned symbols.  The libtool
approach is also something of a broad-sweep approach- it will just set
all of the symbols in the library to the same version, that of the
SONAME, I believe.  As I mentioned elsewhere, this isn't the best
approach, but doing more requires more from upstream and adds some
overhead in that the authors have to be aware of ABI changes and have to
be careful that they don't break the ABI unless they intend to and
change the version accordingly for that symbol.

Hopefully I will soon have time to go back through the 2.1.x releases
and add proper versions to all the symbols and test their use.  Once I'm
confident everything is working I'll post a summary of my experiance and
the changes made to the list.


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