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Re: HEADS UP: -llber/-lldap sonames changes

* Andreas (andreas@conectiva.com.br) wrote:
> libldap.so (devel library) is a link to
> libldap.so.2.2 (the soname) which is a link to
> libldap.so.2.2.7
> I realize openldap is not linux specific, so the above may not apply directly,
> it's just a suggestion.

On Linux you can just use symbol versioning and have just a
'libldap.so.2'.  Many of these problems are because of ancient unixes
that don't support things the modern world has come to realize are
necessary to reasonably maintain a system.

> You are, of course, free to call it whatever you want, I'll just follow
> whatever comes from upstream. But since you asked for comments... ;)

As I understand it the problem here is quite simple- libtool sucks and
is busted and can't handle that.  If libtool could handle it that'd
certainly be nicer.


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