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RE: checking for bound user

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> > That's a big help. I was only looking at the bind.c code, and didn't
> > notice the op->o_conn->c_dn being set. Thanks.
> Howard's note is that you should use op->o_ndn; in fact,
> in some cases backend search routines are called out of
> context for internal purposes; in this case, they might
> have a null or fake connection, so op->o_ndn should be
> guaranteed to be set to the identity the operation is
> supposed to run as.  During regular operations, op->o_ndn
> and op->o_conn->c_ndn should be exactly the same.

There's also the case of requests using the proxyAuthz control. All of
slapd's internal identity checks (e.g., for ACLs) use op->o_ndn; this is the
identity that matters.

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