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Re: HEADS UP: -llber/-lldap sonames changes

At 11:11 AM 3/25/2004, Darin Broady wrote:
>Is it possible to make the sonaming of liblber &
>libldap more like traditional Unix libraries?

Tradition in Unix is that there are many ways to
address a problem and its up to the developers
faced with solving the problem to choose an
effective resolution approach.

>Of course, this makes the assumption that binary compatibility will
>not be broken between the revision level changes,

That's a bad assumption.  Library interfaces do
and will change as needed.  While we how to avoid
incompatible interface changes within a release
branch (e.g. 2.2), especially after the branch
has been marked "stable", such changes are
sometimes unavoidable.

Anyways, regarding symlinks, the installer can
link liblber-2.2.so to which ever interface they
want to.  They can also they can symlink
liblber.so to whatever they choose.

So, as far as I can tell, the current proposal is
far more flexible than the approach you suggest.