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RE: Overlay Documentation

In your example it is possible that either {sn, cn} was not defined as a
proxyAttrset or the query which requested  {sn, cn, telephoneNumber, mail}
was not cacheable.

A query Q, with requested attribute set S and filter F is answered by a
cached query Q' with attribute set S' and filter F' if:

(i) "proxyAttrset  S" appears in the proxy overlay definition.
(ii) S is either same or a subset of S'.
(iii) the prototype filter corresponding to F is identical to the prototype
filter of F'. This basically means that the filter strings are only
different in assertion values.
(iv) each predicate in F must be more restrictive than the corresponding
predicate in the cached query (and there are no NOT operators).
(v) the region of DIT identified by the base and scope of Q is contained in
the corresponding region defined for Q'.

A query Q' is cacheable if there is a proxyTemplate with an identical
prototype filter and the same set of requested attributes as Q and it
fetches <= K entries where K is the entry limit specified in the proxyCache

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I'm not quite sure what I should do, kinda it's a bug or a feature ?

For example, the doc does not speak about query containment. ( actually the
paper the docs points to does, however the syntax it's using is different
from the actual used one )

If I cash a query that has brings back "sn, cn, telephoneNumber, mail"
and make a new query asking only for "sn, cn"   ( other stuff remains the
same, obviously )
Should this be answered from the cache or not ?
Query containment should mean it comes from the cache, actually it's not
answerable ( info from the log file ).
Is this a bug, or is this ok ?

These are the things I miss in the admin guide.
Again, I would volunteer to contribute to the documentation . . .


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> > I posted a suggestion about the "proxy cache" chapter in the issue
> > tracking system some time ago. In the meantime I played around with
> > the overlay cache. I
> found out that
> > documentation is not very aligned with what the sw is
> actually doing.
> > Therefore I would propose to review the chapter in order to align it
> > more to the actual release.

At this point any difference betwen the code and the doc must be a bug in
the code, because the doc looks right to me... Please point out the
inconsistencies in an ITS report.