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RE: Overlay Documentation

At 09:42 AM 3/18/2004, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
>Actually, in UMich's AG there was a very essential documentation on how to
>write a backend... I think that overlays, as well as SLAPI, could become a
>very easy, and, as such, widely exploited means to customize slapd; widely
>useful extensions could easily make into the distributed source as
>contribs, so I think it might be worth the effort to document this part of
>the API as soon as it stabilizes.

For SLAPI, I think we should just reference Netscape/Sun documentation.
SLAPI is a compatibility interface after all.  I think we should focus on
the maturity of native interfaces (e.g., ensuring the native interfaces are
encompassing of our needs and well documented).

>Of course, one to do interesting stuff
>needs to know also the rest of the API, but this is a different point.  I
>also note that the API, in some sense, is getting simpler and simpler
>after your large effort to turn the function calls in a uniform layout.
>> ovl-<name>.5 ?

I rather they be called something starting with "slap".
How about slapo-<name>.5?