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Re: back-relay

Seems to work now, except that the functionality of the mandatory
rewrite-remap overlay is still limited.  There's a nice spin-off, that
makes it truly virtual: it doesn't have to point to a single real naming
context database, it can resolve the real database on a per-operation
basis, by appropriately crafting the rewrite rules.  As such, it can be
used to create virtual views of combined databases.  E.g.:

1) different real databases for different operations:
rewrite bindDN from dc=virtual,dc=naming,dc=context
to dc=bind,dc=naming,dc=context and searchBase to

2) different databases for different subtrees:
"ou=Groups,dc=v,dc=n,dc=c" => "ou=Groups,dc=one,dc=r,dc=n,dc=c"
"ou=Poeple,dc=v,dc=n,dc=c" => "ou=People,dc=another,dc=r,dc=n,dc=c"

and so on.

For details on the configuration, see back-relay/README
Need to turn it into a slapd-relay(5) man page.


Pierangelo Masarati