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Re: ldapdb sasl plugin

Am Mittwoch, 17. März 2004 20:14 schrieb Howard Chu:

> Actually CMU are just waiting for the code to be submitted as a patch to
> their source tree, with accompanying documentation. The only holdup is that
> I haven't had the time to write the doc or create the patch.

The Patch to integrate your ldapdb.c in the cyrus-sasl makefiles is here. I 
wrote it last for 2.1.18. But i had problems with your ldapdb.c.

I use suse-9.0 and there is OpenLdap 2.1.22 installed. I used the ldapdb.c out 
of 2.1.25 but it did not work. Only the Version from 2.1.22 works. I had 
timeouts with the newer one. Are there dependencies ?