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back-monitor and dynamically generated entries...

I have a doubt about dynamically generated/updated entries, like those in
back-monitor (but this could apply as well to dynamic directory services
as of RFC2589), and couldn't find any hints in standard tracks: any time a
"dynamic" entry is updated, which means that it is being requested by some
operation for some purpose, should I update the "modifyTimeStamp" to
reflect the time of its last update (and possibly "modifiersName" set to
the rootdn of the monitor database, if any)?

For instance, if I ask for "cn=Start,cn=Time,cn=Monitor", no update takes
place; on the contrary, if I ask for "cn=Current,cn=Time,cn=Monitor", the
"monitorTimeStamp" gets updated to the current time, so I think I should
update the "modifyTimeStamp" as well...


Pierangelo Masarati