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RE: BDB, endian

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> From: Jong [mailto:jongchoi@OpenLDAP.org]

> > I'm testing this now. Since we no longer have to worry
> about the custom hash
> > function (with Hash databases replaced by Btree in 2.2.6)
> it seems this is a
> > good time to get rid of the custom sort functions too. Of
> course, this change
> > will require yet another full dump/reload (slapcat/slapadd)
> of any existing
> > databases on Little-Endian machines.
> This will force every database on x86 to be reloaded at the
> next release while entryCSN
> format change did not affect existing databases except for
> the migration to the syncrepl
> replication environment. As I remember correctly, entryCSN change
> was made after a discussion on the entryCSN format in the
> software list.
> Seems that HEAD is having a locking problem after the endian
> change though.

OK, I'm going to revert all the changes (except for the ITS#3004 fix). I may
try the Endian change again behind #ifdef's later but let me get it all back
to a good working state first.

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