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RE: Questions...

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> From: Jong [mailto:jongchoi@OpenLDAP.org]

> > The use of the IDL cache should also have a significant
> > improvement on slapd's runtime indexing speed, not just slapindex.
> Great !
> It seems that you've changed the IDL cache from
> write-through-invalidate to
> write-through-update.
> I've done this as the write-through-invalidate design,
> because at the time of design, the
> main objective was
> to improve the search performance both with / wihtout the
> presence of intermittent
> updates.
> It seems that the slapindex access has a repeated
> read-modify-write pattern whose
> performance
> can be significantly improved by the write-through-update
> cache design.
> - Jong

Argh, spoke too soon. HEAD is several times slower than RE22 now. I'll
probably revert the idl.c changes until I figure out what to fix...

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