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RE: commit: ldap/servers/slapd/back-bdb config.c

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> From: Jong [mailto:jongchoi@OpenLDAP.org]

> BTW, is the 10x sizing recommended as the default setup only 
> ? or is it generally recommended ?

This is just a guess at the moment. 

> The required size of the IDL cache seems to depend on the 
> workload patterns.


> In fact, we
> are working on an adaptive cache tuning mechanism based on 
> the working set estimates of
> each OpenLDAP caches. For example, if the working set size of 
> the IDL cache and the
> working set size of the entry cache can be determined for the 
> current workload pattern,
> we'll be able to resize the IDL and the entry cache size by 
> evicting less frequently or
> less recently accessed entries of these caches.

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