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Re: back-sql auxiliary class support and more

On Tuesday 17 February 2004 11:24, you wrote:

second guess is the right one.
> I don't question the opportunity to do this (it's already ben
> addressed by other people, though
> http://www.openldap.org/faq/data/cache/378.html ) but it may
> have little to do with back-sql.
OK, I'll read it.
Anyway the purpose of the first part of the work I did aims to manage standard 
LDAP structures. I'm talking about handling SaMBa stuff and having them on 
And also because it is an easy way to have a test bench. I can create 
immediatly a pg database and everything ready to be exported and manipulated 
by LDAP. 

...and also I love a shell command like 
~~> cat *.schema | schema2sql.pl <someoptions> | pgsql

> > 2. patches to allow the back-sql handle correcly auxiliary classes.
> This might be interesting.  There is already a means to handle
> more than one objectClass in an entry, but I'm not comfy with it
> because it's done on an entry's base, and cannot be extended to
> sets of entries based on logical rules.  Note that this part
> of back-sql has been recently updated in HEAD and REL_2_2 to
> allow more instances of an attribute type in an entry, plus other
> improvements; make sure you're patching HEAD code, otherwise patch
> inclusion would require a much larger effort.

right now I made them upon the 2.2.5 release. I'll check with the CVS.

> I strongly suggest you open an ITS so that we can keep track
> of the state of your issue; I'd also suggest that you submit
> a what you consider a FINAL patch, so that the impact of its
> import is minimal.  The patch will be reviewed, of course,
> but I'd prefer that you review it yourself, first.
OK, I will, I need to check few things, expecially aganist a BDB backend
(actually I'm testing the whole thing on a windows network), and then I will 
one the ITS.

thanks for the hints.