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back-sql auxiliary class support and more

Hello, during the last week I worked on the following issue:

1. a perl script thaht generate sql tables, functions to insert and delete ocs 
and attrs based upon a given LDAP schema (I tested it with all openLDAP 
schema + SaMBa 3)

2. patches to allow the back-sql handle correcly auxiliary classes.

3. a full working example

Actually the patches are in a prototype state (there is a query that have to 
be inserted in the config) and I don't know if -even if they do work- is 
"correct" from the point of view of the place where I put the procedures and 
whatever (say from thepoint of view of the development guidelines).

QUESTION: Should I submit the patches as indicated in the guidelines or is it 
better to post them here so that someone can check the correctness and then 
after a revision and whatever post a patch ?



BTW: also I would like to go on contributing within the back-sql work.