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RE: 2.1 & 2.2 statistics, and some odd behavior that needs to be examined.

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> This explanation really does not explain what I'm seeing.  By
> what you say
> above, simple binds & SASL binds should see the same
> performance issues,
> because the memory pool will be getting dirty either way.
> That is *not*
> what is happening, if you read through my post on this:
> SASL-based queries: 28 ans/sec average
> anonymous queries: 222 ans/sec average
> If what you are saying were true, I should have even *worse*
> performance
> with the anonymous queries, because they would be dirtying
> the memory pool
> faster.

That assumes that all else is equal, which it definitely is not. SASL/GSSAPI
Binds are inherently slower than Simple Binds, and the SASL security layer
adds encryption overhead to the protocol layer that is absent from the Simple
Bind case.

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