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Re: Answer to the forthgoing question

Dear Jong, 

Thanks very much for your answers. But I have some more questions.

> > Dear OpenLDAP developers,
> >
> > I have found the answer to my own question.
> >
> > > I can not find out how the value of sid is determined by the syncrepl mechanism. It
> seems
> > > that the syncrepl cookie may contain a sid. But I have not found how this sid is set.
> >
> > sid is given in command line of the consumer slapd, using -c option. Which is not
> documented
> > in the slapd man page.
> Check the documentation first...
> You can find more info on sid
> in doc/man/man8/slapd.8 and also
> in Section 14.3.3 of the OpenLDAP 2.2 Admin's Guide.

To create a session log, consumer needs to send a refreshAndPersist request
to the supplier. This seems to be the only way to establish a session log.

Suppose a consumer crashes just after finishes its first refreshAndPersist transaction with
the consumer. And also suppose the consumer restart after a while, since a session log 
is already established on the supplier site, it should be used to give the newly started consumer a delete phase refreshment, instead of a present phase one. 

However, it seems that the current version of slapd does not support this kind of operation, because there is no duplication checking on slapd side. Therefore, the already established session log can not be reused by a restarting consumer slapd.

Don't you think there should be a fix on this?