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RE: Questions...

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> > besides memory, what is the spec for other things ? CPU ?
> 1.3GHz PIII CPU, running Linux 2.2.25 on ext2fs, Western
> Digital WD400BB on ATA66.

Also the test client is a separate machine, connected over 100Mb/sec
ethernet. 1.1GHz PIII laptop, running Windows XP, MinGW OpenLDAP.

> >I think it required to harness the backend
> >with tests having higher concurrency.

Yes... I looked into setting up Mindcraft's DirectoryMark but I haven't had
time to get a Solaris system ready for it. Also my point here wasn't so much
to provide DirMark numbers as it was to show the relative performance of the
OpenLDAP releases in essentially identical configurations.

One more data point - using 320MB of shared memory (instead of 384MB mmap'd
files) dropped the hdb indexed load time from 21m57s to 18m20s.

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