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Re: Question on session log

> Dear OpenLDAP developers,
> It seems like that session log records what has been deleted recently.

The session log records what has been scoped-out from the corresponding replication
content. delete, modify, modrdn can cause entries to be scoped-out.

> Therefore, if the session cookie sent by the consumer is update enough,
> a delete list can be genrated directly from the session list.

Yes. A session log entry contains the time it was created. The session log also maintains
the truncation timestamp which is the creation time of the session log entry that was
truncated most recently. If the CSN contained in the consumer's cookie is no larger than
the truncation timestamp, the session log will not be used. Otherwise, the session log
entries having its creation time > cookie CSN will be used to generate the delete list.

> Am I right?
> Thanks!
> Xingyuan