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Re: Questions...

Thanks for this reply.

> With the introduction of back_hdb in OpenLDAP 2.2.4, the speed of
> adding/deleting directory entries is expected to
> be increased. But how about the speed of modify indexed attributes? Is it
> still the same as OpenLDAP 2.0..?
> <<<
> The high write concurrency in back-hdb has been largely defeated by the
> syncrepl entryCSN update code, which serializes all modifications in both
> back-bdb and back-hdb.
> Modifying indexed attributes is slightly improved in OpenLDAP 2.1/2.2 vs
> OpenLDAP 2.0 but not to any great extent.

Do you mean the syncrepl slows down indexed attributes modification? Or there are some other 
causes for the slowness of attributes modification, as compared to SunOne directory server.

I am trying to understand the reason why the performance of OpenLDAP is much worse than that of SunOne directory server,  
when it comes to do  attributes modification. The performance result is published as a paper named:
 'A Comparative Performance Analysis of 7 Lightweight Directory Access Protocol Directories' written by E. J. Thornton, etc.

You can find the paper through a google search.