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Re: Operational attributes

When one considers the fact that there is no standard for how to
add schema to LDAP servers, you'll have to have server-specific
code, files, and/or procedures to add your schema to the target

For slapd(8), for system schema, the server-specific mechanism is
to use a (native) module to load it.

Note, one can could write a module to load "system" schema from
a file (of same format as our schema files) to effectively bypassing
slapd(8) "user" schema checks...


At 05:50 AM 1/6/2004, Luke Howard wrote:

>I think we should allow operational attributes to be defined in slapd
>configuration files.
>In our application, we have a number of SLAPI plugins that compute
>operational attributes at search time. There is no easy way using the
>SLAPI plugin API to register the attribute types with the server, nor
>do other implementations of SLAPI expect this to be done.
>It would be nice to simply ship a schema file along with the plugin.
>I know there has been resistance to doing this in the past, and I 
>understand the reasons why, but I'd be interested in any other
>-- Luke