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Re: Extend peername styles in ACL (ITS#2907)

I dislike much of this, especially apply tree styles to IP addresses.
Even for PATH, they seem terrible useful.

For IP addresses, I rather see support for addr[/masklen][{ports}]
and/or addr[:mask][{ports}] where ports is a comma separated list
of port[-port], e.g.,{10,12-30,200).

For PATH, I see no need for anything other than exact and regex.


At 02:10 PM 1/7/2004, ando@sys-net.it wrote:
>Full_Name: Pierangelo Masarati
>Version: HEAD
>OS: Linux
>URL: http://www.sys-net.it/~ando/Download/peername-style-improvements.patch
>Submission from: (NULL) (
>Submitted by: ando
>This patch provides extended styles for peername which improve the semantics
>of the ACL clause and provide more efficient means to deal with typical issues
>(e.g. exact or most significant IP match without dealing with the port and so).
>See also ITS#2904