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JLDAP's DSML Reader In-compatible with JNDI's dsmlv2 provider?


I am working with the DSMLv2 Reader and have found the following issue with JNDI's dsmlv2 provider as a client:

The JNDI DSMLv2 provider uses "se" as a prefix for the soap envelope's xml tags. The dsmlv2 reader generates an exception saying it can't recognize the "se:Envelope" prefix. If i remove the "se", it works. It also works if I remove the SOAP envelope entirely. I looked at the dsmlv2 servlet in CVS and saw that it wasn't stripping out the envelope before creating the reader. It appears that the dsml reader will ignore the soap envelope as long as it doesn't have a prefix.

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Marc Boorshtein
Software Engineer, Octet String